Become a friend

At House to Grow we need your support to continue to respond to the needs of people who are vulnerable.  If you become our friend, we will share this commitment and you will be part of our solidarity community and family, and you will have great tax advantages with your donation.

Where the money goes?

For every $1 we spend:

  • 70 cents is used to directly support our development, advocacy and humanitarian programs around the world.
  • 20 cents is invested to generate future income
  • 10 cents is spent on essential administration

Information about Australian Goverment Taxation Office if you want to claim a tax deduction for donations.

  • 70 - Programs
  • 20 - Investments
  • 10 - Administration

Legacies/Inheritances: Making a Will in favour of a charity is the best way to offer your solidarity beyond time and to commit to the people who need it most. Your heritage or legacy can help us continue to empower people to transform their lives.

Gracias a nuestros sponsors y colaboradores