Become a volunteer (Professional or Non-professional)

If you want to volunteer and you are looking for an organisation committed to the change towards a more just, fair and equal society for individuals in need, then this is your site. The work of volunteers is vital to House to Grow. We have many areas in which you can contribute; you only need to say, “I want to help”.

Tell us what your talent is, what you are passionate about doing, where your strengths lie and there will be a place for you to develop yourself and help others along the way. Everyone has a talent that they can contribute.

We are committed to an innovative, creative social model of volunteerism with a capacity for social mobilisation and transformation. We promote a critical and reflective citizenship that runs counter to social exclusion.

You too can be one of these individuals. We are volunteers, but the reward is unbeatable!


If you are a Psychologist, Coach, Therapist, Facilitator, Yoga or Meditation Teacher, work in health, or are an expert in any other area that promotes the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being of people, then please send your expression of interest along with your resume to


We are always looking for new hands and new brains to support the organisation, whether it is to help out on specific events, increase the popularity of House to Grow, or brainstorm with the team on our current or future projects. If you are keen to meet the team and connect with our group of volunteers, then please send an email to or join our Facebook group: Housechangers Australia Volunteers and together we can help many people to bloom!

Emily Thompson

"Being a volunteer is what I feel most proud of in my life.When I met House to Grow and was given the opportunity to be part of this incredible project, I never imagined the impact that this experience would have on my life. I now face my challenges and have a new approach in which I project to the world. I hope you also can come and enjoy this adventure!".

Aaron Jones

"I was 18 when I saw an ad in which they asked for volunteers, I was going through a bad time and I thought it would be the ideal excuse to flee, but that decision was the best I took for years. It helped me to know myself and to discover personal skills that I did not know, , but above all to see life with a pair of new eyes. Thanks to the foundation House to Grow, my life has taken a turn for the better."

Jane Stone

"When I returned from my volunteer work with the foundation, my friends asked me how I had gone and I could only answer: It was magical for me and now that I have discovered it, nothing will be the same. I have met wonderful, passionate and genuine people who will always be a part of my life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and belief in miracles."

David Harrison

"I always knew I wanted to be part of something that made me vibrate. The House to Grow Foundation has become that house where I feel alive helping others. I feel happy to belong to this great family. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy giving. "

Thanks to our sponsors and partners