We are committed to transformational education as the most powerful tool of change, life development and growth, in order to bring about improvements in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, because:

  • It is a basic necessity, linked directly to the purpose of life and evolution, without which we restrict ourselves as human beings.
  • It is also the key to building not only a better world, but a new world where people have the tools of self-knowledge necessary to project themselves in a positive way and offer the best version of themselves to all communities.
  • It is the basis of the development of any community, understood as a fundamental part of an ‘Education for life’, contributing to the well-being of people and allowing them to access opportunities to improve their own well-being and that of the groups with which they relate and participate in, thus becoming a key agent of change.
  • It allows the discovery of true individual and collective wisdom, reducing the dependence of people on various sources of power, which leads to a panorama of a society composed of participatory leaders, capable of contributing through self-confidence and personal evolution.


  • Body
  • Mind
  • Emotions
  • Spirituality

Our impact

There are times when people are in situations of real difficulty and struggle to maintain control of one or more aspects of their lives. These programs aim to respond to the needs of such people, enhancing the four dimensions that make up their personal development, facilitating professional success and normalising exceptional situations and experiences.

Body: These groups are often overwhelmed by their problems.  In many cases, their economic situation is very precarious and it does not allow them to invest in a healthy diet, which can lead to neglecting their physical health. This also directly affects their emotional and mental well being.

Mind: Having a clear positive mind, focused with the right attitude gives us the power to make favorable decisions and project our life in a healthy and happy way. People in vulnerable situations often have great difficulty in maintaining such a state of mind.

Emotions: Low self-esteem, fear, anxiety and loneliness are just some of the emotions that negatively impact on people. Learning to manage and guide our emotions is a fundamental tool to overcome such experiences and to strengthen and reduce their social risk.

Spirituality: Our values and beliefs are a basic pillar in supporting us, giving meaning to our life. By empowering this dimension, we offer the most vulnerable groups the hope and strength they need to get ahead.

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