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House to Grow & SBS present the Project Women you inspire me

The last 16th of September the presentation of the Project “Women, you inspire me”, took place in Sydney, in SBS studios, one of Sydney´s most important radio and TV networks.

Among the many participants, there were important institution representatives, in the world of politics, art, music and culture, such as the Council from Chile, Humberto Molina and the Cervantes Institute President, Raquel Romero.

The project is a radio series which consists of 12 episodes where women who overcame life’s obstacles are interviewed. Some of them have gone through lonely, painful or suffering moments, but all of them opted for a change, and made the decision of looking at life with optimism.

Pilar López, expert on personal development, creator of the series “Women, you inspire me” and founder of House to Grow Foundation, states that the common denominator of these stories is that all these women made a decision in order to change their circumstances. The project is also a motivation for all those women who want to change their current situation. “Women, you inspire me”, is quite an example of hope and it shows us that it is possible to overcome every obstacle in life; it is also a hymn to all those women who were not defeated by adverse circumstances.

The event was supported by numerous artists who offered their talent with life performances, an art exhibition inspired by self-improvement stories of the 12 protagonist women.

Pilar López presented the project House to Grow and encouraged companies, organizations and individuals to participate in transformation as the only route to social progress.

She also thanked the work of the volunteers as one of the main arteries and engines of social change.

Along the day 16th of September, House to grow made a fundraising to the empowerment and self-growth Program “Now Me”, in favor of those women who suffer domestic violence in Sydney.

Pictures made by SBS Spanish / Australia & Lovato Planet TV – Cross Media

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