Become a House to Grow World Changer

There are endless ways you can raise money to support the people who need it the most. Whether it’s a sporting challenge, a special occasion, or your own creation. You can make a big difference in people’s lives…and have a good time doing it.

Become a House to Grow World Changer and tell us how you’ve done it, send us pictures and videos, we’ll love to publish it on our social networks so that your contribution can inspire others.

Events that change the world.

Ideas to consider

Solidarity products from House to Grow: Our book “How to Create an Amazing Life” is a book of discovery, team harmony, self-education and developing yourself personally, that reflects the spirit of our foundation. 100% of the benefits are allocated to the development of our transformational educational programs.

Christmas dinners and presents: Surely your company celebrates the typical Christmas dinners every year and offers gifts to its workers, customers and clients. Encourage your company to turn that event into a solidarity action in which the whole team is involved helping others and those in need.

Birthdays, weddings and celebrations: Make your celebration a very special day for others, sharing your happiness and ask your guests to join one of our causes and donate the value of the gifts to our foundation. Let your present be the gift for others in need or those who receive nothing.

Introduce us to your company: If your company has corporate social responsibility programs or think you may be interested in solidarity activities, you can help us by presenting our foundation or by contacting us to start working together.

Sporting Solidarity Challenges: Sport is a great way to bring people together. Organise a sporting event and involve your team, school or community in a solidarity cause.

Solidarity markets: Encourage your company to carry out a solidarity market with discontinued or previous season’s products, in which the team of workers becomes involved. You can also organise it in your community, school or group of friends.

Design your own creation or any other idea that has occurred to you, such as a movie night, a charity party, a solidarity concert, children’s events, etc. You can also contact us to find some inspiration and collaborate like one of our House to Grow World Changers.


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