House to Grow is a charity not-for-profit organisation that promotes and practices transformative education from the inside out by supporting vulnerable groups in different sectors of society. Our priority is educational and health development, based on the four pillars of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being in order to:

•    Promote social inclusion.
•    Promote independence.
•    Increase workforce participation.
•    Foster the protection of human rights.

Awaken the consciousness of people towards the discovery of their potential.
Inspire the world positively in support of the most vulnerable communities.
Create a network of change agents, which will engage companies, government organisations, communities and individuals to empower the most vulnerable groups.


Our ‘Big Picture’ envisages a world where groups are not spoken of in terms of vulnerability but of individuals who are growing to their full potential. We see a society committed to education for life and personal growth, as a vehicle for building an emotionally intelligent world.

Our work contributes to this by acting as agents in the transformational educational area. We participate in a global movement of great social impact, supported by international networks, strategic alliances and other NGOs. We are able to influence educational policies and awaken global awareness to the importance of the transforming role of personal growth.

We contribute to sustainable human development in an on-going way and we stand against social exclusion in any form.


Passion for Excellence

"The only way to do an excellent job is to do what you love"
-Steve Jobs-

We want people to feel that this work is part of their mission. We act with optimism, which we want to and know how to spread. We are moved by the strength of our passion for what we love and what we believe in. We do not know limits when it comes to pursuing our objective but always working within the framework of legality, morality and ethics. This drives us toward excellence in performance.


"Innovation distinguishes leaders from followers."
-Steve Jobs-

We believe in the power of creativity and innovation as a permanent way of operating. We are willing to think outside the box and bet on radically different ideas to achieve excellent results. Our team is made up of people who challenge existing paradigms, get rid of mental taboos and take risks to design and plan innovative proposals that take us to the next level.


"Personal growth is the fertilizer of happiness"
-Pilar López-

We dream of an organisation that gives all its collaborators the opportunity to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. Offering motivation and trust to generate spaces that foster emotional connection, allowing us to develop successful relationships in pursuit of our common goal.


"Integrity never hurts a cause that is just"
-Mahatma Gandhi-

We dream of an organisation formed by people who live lives based on the foundations of truth, transparency and honesty. We commit ourselves to use our resources effectively to achieve tangible results, and being totally transparent with our collaborators, donors, organisations and groups that we support.


"Solidarity is the language of an intelligent world"
-Pilar López-

We believe that social cohesion makes us feel responsible for the circumstances of our fellow citizens, especially the most disadvantaged and vulnerable. This is the motor that drives us to act and move others to action.

Thanks to our sponsors and partners