We engage with vulnerable groups by offering our “House To Grow” scholarships, which allows them to participate in our transformational educational programs for personal development.

Now me

Women who have suffered gender-based violence may have a multitude of physical, psychological, neurological and cognitive problems. Our “Now Me” personal development program gives them self-esteem and motivation leading to a new life that unleashes their full potential.

Without limits

We work with people with mental or physical disabilities, promoting their independence and inclusion within society. In the program “No Limits” we give you the personal tools to become your best self.

Welcome to my home

Homeless people accumulate chaotic and traumatic experiences that make them lose their emotional stability, financial resources and support networks. In the “Welcome to my home” program, we help them recover skills that were hidden or forgotten, boosting their talent and giving them back their own power

More laughs

In times of illness it is crucial to learn to manage negative emotions and to generate those that are positive. Emotional Intelligence helps to decrease pain and boost the function of the immune system, for example. In our personal development program “More Laughter”, we help children with chronic illnesses improve their emotional well-being, which is synonymous with happiness.

Thanks to our sponsors and partners