What is The Flight of the Butterflies?

The Flight of the Butterflies is a transformational educative Program of Empowerment for women overcoming gender violance. The program is designed by the Foundation House to Grow and its experts in personal development and it is based on technics and methodologies which reinforce the four basic pillars of human essence: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

The program consists of an intensive experiencial free session, composed of several workshops in which the awareness and motivation will be worked. After the program, each participant will enter a personalized process of accompaniment by an expert Coach that will help them in the achievement of their objectives and the design of a new dignified and hopeful life.


To reinforce self-esteem.
To recognize individual values.
To gain self-confidence.
To lose fears.
To break limiting beliefs and behavior patterns.
To learn how to respect and accept oneself as an individual.

This will allow

Not to fall into similar relationships.
To avoid the exposure to minors.
To be able to make decisions about their future.
To gain enough motivation to join the work force and to be economically independent.
To be an inspiration for other women.

How we do it?


Limiting beliefs are one of the great obstacles that keep women in situations of gender violence. Freeing theirself from them, offers them a new paradigm with an empowering vision.

For them we use “High Impact Techniques“, activities designed to generate changes in people and allow them to achieve high levels of personal improvement, improve confidence, break their limitations, and projects personal and professional self-realization.

They are based on the latest advances and studies on brain functionality, how it processes information, generates thoughts and makes changes. Similar principles in which other techniques are developed such as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) or some Coaching tools.


Women who experience situations of gender violence, their self-esteem is reduced and they stop being attractive and valuable, which negatively impacts their emotional state.

Body image is the mental representation in which the person sees himself and how she perceives himself when he looks in the mirror. It is related to the feelings and emotions that these women experience regarding how they perceive their physique and how they feel with their body.

Our program teaches them to power their image, showing them their best version and the beauty they carry inside, motivating them to take care of themselves and recognize their greatness.


Violence is not just a personal, psychological or emotional problem. It can also come from a situation that occurred several generations ago, belongs to the system and is taken by different members. This explains the “repetition” that psychology can not solve.

The solution is to look at the family as a whole, as a system, and from there to see where it comes from, and enable the descendants no longer identify with the situation and with those who participated in it.

Family constellations help the person who suffers that violence to leave the position of victim and take an active attitude, regaining power over their own destiny.

Gracias a nuestros sponsors y colaboradores