How was House To Grow born?

This dream has been a long time in the making. Founder, Pilar López, has had a clear dream since she was six.

‘When asked: ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’

I answered, ‘I’m going to paint happy faces’.

‘That’s not a job’, they replied.

Then I will not work, I will only paint happy faces’, I said’.

‘After a lifetime working with people in the personal development world, I have learned that there are no people more powerful than those who know themselves, know their strengths and areas for improvement, who believe in their potential and develop the attitude necessary to carry out their life projects. Each and every one of us are acorns with the potential of an oak, and we can be the source of a great forest. Personal development is the food that facilitates this transformation’.

Pilar López

With this philosophy, House to Grow was born with a commitment to support the most vulnerable groups in society and provide them with tools that allow them to regain their personal power.

About us

House to Grow is composed of a great team of professionals from all areas of personal development and other walks of life, committed to our society and passionate about their work. We believe that a person with a good life education is able to emerge strengthened from any situation, however difficult it may be.

Those who make-up House to Grow are committed to the personal development and potential of all human beings as the most powerful tool for change.


Our team

Jason Cowland
Executive Adviser
Pilar López
General Manager
Laura Flores
Marketing and Comunication
Adriana Gordo
Project Manager
Alain Traechslin
Executive Manager
Dario Gordo
Volunteer Coordinador
Peter Vodicka
Executive and HHRR Manager
Eva Albarca
Events Manager
Sherine Tan
Art Director
Ignacio García Villanueva
IT / Web Developer
Ignacio Garcia Villanueva
Paul-Antoine Le Pemp
Community Manager
Paul-Antoine Le Pemp

Our dream

“In House to Grow At House to Grow we have a dream and we work on it every day: Make this a new world, where we all recognize ourselves not for what we are, but for what we can become.”

Thanks to our sponsors and partners