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Targeting Youth Suicide – The 360 Degrees Program

By Nayara Artero

Youth suicide in Australia has one of the highest rates in the world and has become a public health problem.

In 2016, the Australian newspaper ABC, reported that the suicide rate among young Australians between the ages of 15 and 24 was at its highest level in ten years, despite prevention strategies and goverment investment. (Longbottom, 2016)

The statistics speak for themselves:

· A third of all deaths of young men are due to suicide.
· 41,000 young people aged between 12- 17 have made a suicide attempt.
· Twice as many 15- 19 year old women died by suicide than in 2005.
· Suicide rates have increased for children under the age of 14.

This list continues and so does the tragedy of this bleak situation.

Prevention strategies and economic investments, which amount to $12 million, have not been effective according to Suicide Prevention Australia. On many occasions, there have been no apparent signs of suicidal tendencies.

Humanium, an NGO dedicated to the world of children, lists some of these suicidal symptoms: sleep disorder, loss of appetite, isolation, loss of interest, school absenteeism, physical or psychological aggression and negative thoughts about oneself.

It’s time for a 360 degree turnaround and the House to Grow Charity, with headquarters in Barcelona and Sydney are taking up the fight. House to Grow believes that the problem is rooted in deficient education in personal development and in emotional intelligence. Both of these factors are crucial to learning to face and accept current and future situations.

House to Grow specialise in these areas and have designed the 360 Degree Program for young people which gives priority and focus to developing emotional intelligence for social change. The program focuses on individuals and showing them their immense potential to discover and maintain a capability to change the world.

This inspiring program, combines volunteering, solidarity tourism, and an intensive personal development program for young people between 18-35 years old. It also offers young people the chance to learn another language and discover Barcelona, another amazing city like Sydney.

The investments in the 360 Degree Program will then be used to finance programs for vulnerable children and for women who suffer from domestic violence in Australia. Through personal development and building on emotional intelligence, House to Grow are looking to reduce these alarming suicide rates and give our young people a hopeful and promising future.

To find out more about the 360 Degree Program contact House to Grow on info@housetogrow.org or visit their website.


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