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A horse, a man with Down syndrome and a woman

“I want to say to everyone else, get stuffed, because women can do anything, and we can beat the world”.

Michelle Payne

This is a statement by jockey Michelle Payne, the first woman to win the Melbourne Cup – the most prestigious horse race in Australia, held since 1861 – in November 2015.

Despite parting with odds of 100/1, her horse “Prince of Penzance” prevailed over “Max Dynamite” and “Criterion” in the race held at the Flemington racecourse.

Steve is the winner’s brother, and he has Down’s Syndrome. He is in charge of taking care of the horse, proving to the world that a team made up by an animal, a woman and a person with Down Syndrome can actually get as far as they want.

Life puts obstacles, but it’s you putting the limits.

Michelle said how some of the horse owners were keen to kick her off the race, stating that she wasn’t strong enough and that she didn’t stand a chance. They thought they could prevent someone from achieving their dreams, despite most of them not having ever fulfilled theirs.

This inspirational story shows us that although we are often tempted to take the easy road, it will never lead us to the top.

It’s truly magnificent when all our strength emerges from our “weaknesses”.

Are you one of those rebels that decided to take a risk for their dreams? Then you need to know that those who survive are only those who shake excuses off every day.

Remember how you went out one day with a thirst for adventure? That day you learnt that you need to get out of the fishbowl in order to know how it feels to be swimming in the ocean. You experienced the taste of fear, but passion made you brave.

Let me tell you something that probably you already know: There’ll be moments when you’ll doubt yourself and wonder whether it’s worth it. You’ll feel like giving up on your dreams. However, don’t forget that you set out for something – don’t come back until you achieve it.

You’re already in the ocean, and now you only have two options: either getting lost in its immensity or surfing that big wave you’ve been waiting for.

Thinking of giving up? No time for that. Look again at yourself through the eyes of that fisherman of dreams in you. Tell the world you belong to the kind that does not surrender. It’s not the time to hang up your gloves, but to strike harder.

If you want to get where most people don’t get, you need to do something most people don’t do – believing in yourself so strongly that the world can’t do anything but believe in you as well.

When you open your eyes every morning, life will ask you the same question: how do you want to live today? And it will also ask you what are you willing to do to get it.

You know… Life is not on the side of those that don’t commit 100% to their dreams. It’s too busy with us so-called rebels, salmon fishermen in the savannah, madmen – those people who can lose it all, but yet always have some dreams left in our pockets.

Don’t get lost among people, high buildings and hurries. Remember – you are a dream fisherman in the savannah. You can reinvent yourself each time life changes your script.

Pilar López Cárdenas

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