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Sant Jordi’s day (St. George’s day) full of solidarity

The day of Sant Jordi (St. George) and World Book Day are celebrated every year on April 23rd. It is a very special day in Catalonia due to the tradition of giving roses and books to the people you love.

Legend has it that the inhabitants of the kingdom tried to prevent a dragon from attacking them by offering it an animal every day. When the animals started to become scarce, the only remaining option was to hand over a person to the dragon at random. One day it was a princess’s turn, and the king begged to be able to give all his wealth in exchange for his daughter’s life, but the request was denied. When the princess was in the clutches of the dragon, a gentleman named Jordi appeared, armed and riding a white horse. He thrust his sword into the dragon’s heart and left it dead. A red rose was born from the blood shed by the dragon, and the knight gave this flower to the princess. The king gave his wealth and lands to the knight, who shared them up among all the inhabitants of the kingdom as a symbol of solidarity. In memory of that day, men give their loved ones roses as a symbol of love. And women give a book as a gift as a symbol of the day of the book.

House To Grow was present at Sant Jordi celebration for the first time this year. We installed a solidarity stand on Barcelona’s Rambla Canaletas where we sold the solidarity book ‘How to Create a Wonderful Life’, which is written by the life coach and founder of the NGO. We also gave out roses in exchange for donations to our organisation.

In Sydney (Australia) we were also present selling the solidarity book ‘How to Create an Amazing Life’, thanks to NSW’s Catalan Centre (Casal Catalán), which supported our organisation.

Thanks to this initiative, House To Grow was able to raise funds to create one of the educational programmes for the personal development of vulnerable groups who are at risk of social exclusion, so that they can enjoy a fuller and more dignified life.

We want to thank each and every one of you who contributed with contributions, donations and buying the solidarity book. With you, it is possible!

We also thank all of the volunteers who collaborated with us on such a special day full of life, energy and solidarity.

And of course, we particularly like to mention to Logiexport (Rose company) who collaborated with us with the roses and its complements, and Euroserigrafía (experts in customized items) who sponsored all our volunteers with customized T-shirts, for their great professionalism and for helping to make the event a success.

Team House To Grow,
With you, it is possible!


(₁) Declared by UNESCO in 1995. 

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