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Floyd, a well know Cuban artist based on Miami designed this artwork collection “I am in” in exclusivity for House to Grow


A well know Cuban artist based in Miami designed this artwork collection “I am in” exclusively for House to Grow after being inspired by the cause of House to Grow and some of the testimonials from the participants in the programs. This colorful collection is celebrating empowerment, inclusion and happiness.

The face of Art and pioneer in the Motion Art movement; he is the only artist of his kind who creates art with rock bands. The final product is a revolution on canvas fueled by the music’s energy and Floyd’s art. His art manages to span the commercial, artistic and street worlds. Floyd has appeared in more than 150 TV programs.

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T-Shirts that change lives

100% of the profits from every purchase go to House to Grow to improve the lives of the most vulnerable communities and help build a world of people without barriers to achieve amazing things.

By a unique artist

Exclusive T-shirts that you won’t find anywhere else, designed and donated by one of the world’s transgressive artist.