Flight of Butterflies Logo | House to Grow empowering communities through education
Flight of Butterflies Logo | House to Grow empowering communities through education

The Flight of the Butterflies

Empowering women

The program aims to give women who have stepped out against violence; knowledge, skills and confidence to break the cycle permanently for themselves and their children.

Designed by House to Grow personal development experts, it is based on techniques and methodologies that reinforce the four basic pillars: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.

It consists of an intensive journey, composed of several workshops and activities that focus on awareness and motivation. Each woman will then work with an expert coach that will help them with their objectives, and the design of a new dignified and hopeful life.

1. Mental

Limiting beliefs are one of the biggest obstacles that keep women in unhealthy environments. Freeing their boundaries and opening their reality offers them a new paradigm with an empowering vision.

House to Grow exercise ‘High Impact Techniques’ designed to encourage changes and allow them to achieve high levels of personal improvement, improve confidence, break their limitations, and projects personal and professional self-realisation. Based on the latest advances and studies on brain functionality, including how the brain processes information, generates thoughts and makes changes, this program fortifies vulnerable women with the tools to understand their options and make an overdue change.

2. Emotional and physical

Women affected by domestic violence experience low self-esteem and lack confidence in their physical appearance and value. This negatively impacts their emotional state. Body image is the mental representation of how a person sees themselves.

This program teaches them to build their self-esteem and self-perception, showing them their best version and the beauty they carry inside, motivate them to take care of themselves and recognise their greatness.

3. Spiritual

Domestic violence is not just a personal, psychological or emotional problem. It can also come from a situation that occurred several generations ago, belongs to the system and is taken by different members. This explains the “repetition” that psychology cannot solve. It is important to look at the family as a whole, as a system, and from there to see where it comes from, and enable the descendants to no longer identify with the situation and with those who participated in it.

Family constellations help the person who suffers that domestic violence to leave the position of ‘victim’ and take an active attitude, regaining power over their own destiny.


Avoid exposure of violence to minors.

Not to fall into similar relationships.

Have the courage to make difficult decisions about their future.

Join the workforce and to be economically independent.

Be an inspiration for other women.