Our Story

Our Founder Pilar López had a clear dream since she was only six years old. When she was asked ‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’

She answered, ‘I’m going to paint happy faces‘.

That’s not a job‘, was the reply.

Then I will not work, I will only paint happy faces‘, she said.


Empower people from disadvantaged backgrounds and grow communities by developing and delivering accessible and useful educational projects and resources sensitive to community’s specific needs that are engaging, innovative and evolving. Focused on education for life, employment, holistic health and wellbeing to provide lasting social change.

The world keeps changing, but education doesn’t. We are passionate about people and education that can change and inspire. We strive to shine a light on the values that bring success and happiness. We focus on education as a force for good, encouraging everyone to discover their best selves and achieve amazing things.


We commit ourselves to use our resources effectively to achieve tangible results and to be totally transparent with our collaborators, donors, organisations and groups that we support.

We give our collaborators the opportunity to grow personally, professionally and spiritually allowing us to develop successful relationships in pursuit of our common goal.

We do not know limits when it comes to pursuing our objective but always working within the framework of legality, morality, and ethics.

We believe that social cohesion makes us responsible for our fellow citizens, especially the most disadvantaged and vulnerable. This is the motor that drives us to act and move others to action.

Our team is made up of people who challenge existing paradigms, get rid of mental taboos and take risks to design and plan innovative proposals that take us to the next level.

‘After a lifetime working with people in the personal development world, I have learned that there are no people more powerful than those who know themselves, know their strengths and areas for improvement, who believe in their potential and develop the attitude necessary to carry out their life projects.’

Pilar López • CEO & Founder

Our Housechangers

Pilar Lóper, CEO and Founder | House to Grow empowering communities through education

Pilar López

CEO & Founder

Jason Cowland, Executive Advisor, | House to Grow empowering communities through education

Jason Cowland

Executive Adviser

Peter Vodicka, Director & HR Manager, | House to Grow empowering communities through education

Peter Vodicka

Director & HR Manager

Adriana Gordo, Volunteering Coordinator, | House to Grow empowering communities through education

Adriana Gordo

Volunteering Coordinator

Maribel González, Administrator & Program Coordinator, | House to Grow empowering communities through education

Maribel González

Administrator & Program Coordinator

Edel González, Webmaster , | House to Grow empowering communities through education

Edel González


Fernando Pacheco Bellas, Digital Strategy, Designer, | House to Grow empowering communities through education

Fernando Pacheco-Bellas

Digital Strategy & Senior Designer

One of the best parts of being on the House to Grow team? Seeing the impact we make every day.

We have a dream and we work on it every day: Make this a new world, where we all recognise ourselves not for what we are, but for what we can become.

Together, our people create a vibrant and positive culture that recognises and celebrates growth and achievement.