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At House to Grow we are committed to empowering people and inspire change. If you want to know more about our personal development activities check out of Speaker Topics. If you’re looking for personal development workshops, motivational speakers, inspirational talks, or a tailored session, we’ve got you covered!

We ensure that our inspirational activities align with your business strategy, core values and mission to be impactful and meaningful for your audience.

Having Pilar Lopez, an inspirational female keynote speaker, can make that very special difference to your event and will leave your audience motivated, inspirated and eager to achieve great things for themselves and for your organisation/community.

Pilar is an entrepreneur, life coach, international author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer and instructor in motivational techniques of high impact. Topics include #Motivation, #Leadership, #LifePurpose, #Entrepreneurship & #Happiness.


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International personality and source of inspiration Award 2022

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Multicultural Leadership Award 2023