Do not dream of a new world, be part of it

Volunteers are the heart and soul of House to Grow

Whether you are a professional or a non-professional, you can volunteer with us!
We have many areas in which you can contribute; you only need to say, “I want to help”.

Tell us what your talent is, what you are passionate about doing, where your strengths lay and there will be a place for you to develop yourself and help others along the way. Everyone has a talent that they can contribute!

Get involved | House to Grow empowering communities through education

Helping hands

We are always looking for new hands and new brains to support the organisation, whether it is to help out on specific events, increase the popularity of House to Grow, or brainstorm with the team on our current or future projects. If you are keen to meet the team and connect with our group of volunteers, get in touch!


If you are a psychologist, coach, therapist, facilitator, yoga or meditation teacher, work in health, or are an expert in any other area that promotes physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being of people then shoot us a message!

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